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CIMCO Probing at HTEC 2024
We are back again at the 17th Annual HTEC CNC Educator Conference, hosted this year at Dunwoody College of Technology in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from July 22-25, 2024.
A look at PDF Reports in the New Reporting System.
Building on our previous post, we would like to provide additional insights into PDF reports.
Measurement Report in the Works
We are in the process of developing a new reporting system that streamlines the collection and analysis of probing measurement data.
CIMCO Probing Free for Educational Use
Recently, we have received a few questions about whether CIMCO Probing is free for educational use - and the answer is Yes.
Mill-Turn support now available
Excited to announce that CIMCO Probing now fully supports probing on Mill-Turn machines within Mastercam.
Mill-turn support in development
CIMCO Probing Advances with Support for Mill-Turn Machines.
Cycle Builder released
Introducing the Cycle Builder: A new Feature in CIMCO Probing
Cycle Builder in final stage of development
The custom cycle builder for CIMCO Probing has entered the final stage of development and is expected for release by the end of January.
Windows Defender detection of CIMCO software
The latest update of Windows Defender Security intelligence has detected CIMCO software as potentially harmful. Now resolved.
Cycle Builder coming to CIMCO Probing
New feature in development that lets you create or customize cycles.
Releases August 2023
Five releases with some exciting new features and improvements.
Releases June 2023
The latest version of CIMCO Probing now supports Renishaw Lathe cycles.
Support for Mastercam 2024
CIMCO Probing now supports Mastercam 2024.
Releases April 2023
Improvements to the information in the Geometry List and operations.
Releases March 2023
New CIMCO Probing XML configuration extension, improvements and fixes.
Releases February 2023
New features, improvements and fixes.
New website and 2023
New website released and making CIMCO Probing even more intuitive.
New add-on for Mastercam

Brings the world’s fastest Solid Simulation to Mastercam®