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  • Published: 30th Apr 2024
    Mill-Turn support now available in CIMCO Probing

    We're excited to announce that CIMCO Probing now fully supports probing on Mill-Turn machines within Mastercam. This significant update opens up a new realm of precision and efficiency for manufacturers utilizing complex machinery.

    With Mill-Turn support in CIMCO Probing, users will be able to:

    • Create Mill-Turn probing operations directly within Mastercam, streamlining the workflow from design to execution.
    • Transfer operations seamlessly to the external environment, Code Expert.
    • Simulate Mill-Turn probing cycles with high fidelity, allowing for meticulous preparation and verification before actual machining.
    • Generate the final posted NC code complete with probing cycles, ready for deployment on the shop floor.

    Watch our demonstration video below to see how we support Mill-Turn for Mastercam in CIMCO Probing.

    Documentation for Mill-Turn can be found here.

    Probing for Mill-Turn requires modification in the Mill-Turn post. See the documentation and contact us for more information and/or help with the implementation. And as always, if you want to know more or have any feedback, please feel free to reach out to us.

    The CIMCO Probing Team